Back at the Beer Garden

Last weekend, I went out with some old college friends, half of which coincidentally now live in Astoria. After a couple drinks at M.J. Armstrong’s in Union Square, we decided to head to the neighborhood favorite: the Beer Garden.

This was my first Beer Garden trip of spring and it was lovely. The weather was perfect (warm, but not stuffy), the crowd was perfect (lively, but no line), and, of course, the company was perfect. While Ben ate kilbasa, I proceeded to devour everyone’s fries at the table. We reminisced about college and stressed the importance of our old friend from DC moving to Astoria.

The night ended merrily, one of the best parts about it being the 5 minute walk home. Ah, the pleasures of a local bar!

2 Responses to “Back at the Beer Garden”

  1. Matthew Says:

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